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Creating Jobs

As Mayor of North Little Rock, Patrick Henry Hays cut wasteful spending and used the savings to grow the economy and create jobs.  Hays championed the construction of Verizon Arena, Dickey-Stephens Ballpark, and attracted Caterpillar’s new factory to North Little Rock – creating hundreds of local jobs.  And by revitalizing downtown Argenta, enhancing Burns Park, and making a better quality of life for the people of his city, Mayor Hays was able to attract business and tourism that helped keep the local economy afloat, even during the Great Recession.

In Congress, Patrick Henry Hays will take the same approach.  He will cut wasteful spending, eliminate burdensome and outdated regulations, keep higher education affordable, and invest in the things that create jobs – like public and technical schools and high-tech research.

Cutting Federal Spending

The skyrocketing national debt is unacceptable.  Washington needs to learn how to balance its budget the same way we do.  As Mayor of North Little Rock, Patrick Henry Hays balanced 24 city budgets, slashed the city’s debt, and cut wasteful spending.  That’s how Hays transformed North Little Rock into an engine of economic growth.

Patrick Henry Hays will take the same approach in Congress – working with Democrats and Republicans to cut spending, reduce our government’s growing debt, save taxpayer dollars, and help businesses create jobs.

Honoring Our Veterans

Patrick Henry Hays served in the United States Army Reserves, reaching the rank of Captain.  In Washington, Hays will fight for the 67,000 veterans who have served our nation with distinction and call Arkansas’ Second Congressional District home. 

Hays will work to give veterans more educational and job training programs and improve access to quality health care services, including mental health care. 

Protecting our Agriculture Economy

Agriculture is the backbone of Arkansas’ economy – and it’s an essential part of our way of life.  One in six jobs in our state come from agriculture.  That’s why Patrick Henry Hays is fighting to protect our farmers, ranchers, cattlemen, and loggers.  In Congress, Hays will defend family farms – because the future of agriculture in our state depends on the men and women who carry on those traditions.  And when extreme weather or changes in the commodity markets hurt Arkansas farms and forestries, Patrick Henry Hays will make sure they get the help they need.

Keeping our Nation Safe

The United States government’s first and foremost responsibility is to keep Americans safe from foreign and domestic threats. In Congress, Patrick Henry Hays will keep our military strong, invest in our capacity to fight terrorism at home and abroad, and encourage investment in renewable energy sources that will make our country energy independent. 

Upholding The 2nd Amendment

As a gun owner himself and a member of the NRA, Patrick Henry Hays understands that gun ownership is an important part of Arkansas tradition – and the right to bear arms is guaranteed by our Constitution.  In Congress, Hays will oppose any law, including an assault weapons ban, that would take guns away from law-abiding citizens.  But as a Mayor, Hays understands that we need background checks on commercial gun sales – to help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

A Secure Energy Future

Energy Independence is essential to America’s national security, and the key to making energy more affordable for families in Arkansas.  Patrick Henry Hays supports a do-it-all approach: we need to invest in renewable energy like wind, solar and biofuels, while also taking full advantage of our abundant domestic resources like oil and natural gas.  That’s why Hays strongly supports the completion of the Keystone pipeline.

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