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The Arkansas Supreme Court Wants a Vote on the Minimum Wage—But Hill Still Doesn’t Support It

October 28 2014

The Arkansas Supreme Court has now ruled that the state minimum wage increase will be on the ballot – but with 7 days until the election, millionaire banker French Hill is still refusing to endorse any increase to the minimum wage.

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Statement From Sen. Joyce Elliott on French Hill’s Hypocritical Campaign Video

October 24 2014

"If French Hill cares about prosperity for everyone, he has a strange way of showing it. He has a long record of protecting his own interests -- but what about hardworking people who go to work every day -- many to two or more jobs -- but can barely make ends meet?"

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Throwback Thursday: Hill Gives Mayor Hays an Award for his Record of Civic Achievement

October 23 2014

Shady out-of-state groups have rushed into Arkansas to prop up French Hill’s flailing campaign and try to smear Mayor Patrick Henry Hays’ 24-year record of cutting waste and creating jobs. But it wasn’t so long ago that Hill was praising that very same record – in fact, Hill went as far as presenting an award to Mayor Hays for his outstanding service improving the quality of life in North Little Rock.

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Cook Political Report the Latest Forecaster to Move AR-02 Towards Mayor Hays

October 22 2014

Today, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report became the latest forecaster to move their ranking of Arkansas' Second Congressional District in Mayor Patrick Henry Hays' direction, joining the Rothenberg Political Report in changing their rating from "Leans Republican" to "Toss Up."

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Hays Returns to Patrick Henry Hays Senior Citizens Center to Promote Social Security and Medicare

October 21 2014

​Mayor Hays says, "The key to being able to enjoy life for our senior community is the protection of Social Security and Medicare...We'll protect [these benefits], and we'll continue to ensure that they're in place and long-lasting for generations to come."

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New Talk Business Poll: Mayor Patrick Henry Hays Leads French Hill by 5 Points

October 20 2014

A new Talk Business poll out this morning shows that Mayor Patrick Henry Hays has moved ahead of his opponent, French Hill, in Arkansas' Second Congressional District -- with Hays leading Hill by a margin of 46% to 41.5%. In their last poll, Talk Business had registered a 1-point lead for Hill. The new poll comes just days after the Rothenberg Political Report, a nonpartisan elections forecaster, moved its rating of the Second District race in Mayor Hays' direction.

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Hays, Arkansas Veteran Carlos Cervantes Hold Press Conference on Government Shutdown Anniversary

October 16 2014

Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays and Arkansas Veteran Carlos Cervantes held a press conference today in front of City Hall on the one-year anniversary of the end of the Government Shutdown of 2013, which inspired Mayor Hays to run for Congress to bring the Arkansas values he practiced in City Hall back to Washington.

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A Bad Week for French Hill

October 13 2014

​It's been a bad week for French Hill's self-interested, out of touch campaign.

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Mayor Patrick Henry Hays Wins Debate with French Hill

October 13 2014

"Former Mayor Patrick Henry Hays won today's debate because he laid out the contrast in this race. Mayor Hays earned a reputation as one of the best mayors in America by balancing twenty-four budgets, cutting waste and unnecessary regulations, and working with the business community to create jobs – and his approach to bringing people together to get results is exactly what’s missing in Washington."

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Former Mayor Patrick Henry Hays Releases New TV Ad: “Washington Waste”

October 09 2014

The spot highlights how Mayor Hays cut wasteful spending through commonsense solutions, like putting all of North Little Rock's city services into one building -- an approach that allowed him to balance 24 budgets, cut the city’s debt in half, and invest in job creation. Now, Mayor Hays is running to bring those same values to Washington, where politicians are wasting billions on unused properties, underused airports, and generating Facebook "likes."

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As French Hill’s Campaign Falters, Karl Rove Coming In to Prop Him Up

October 08 2014

Rove’s smears couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, just this week President Bill Clinton praised former Mayor Hays’ fiscally conservative record, stating Mayor Hays “became one of the most highly regarded mayors – not just in Arkansas, but in the United States, because he balanced 24 budgets [and] he cut the size of the government.”

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At Delta Grassroots Caucus Mayor Hays Highlights Support for Wage Increase, Commitment to Seniors

June 12 2014

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays spoke to the Mississippi Delta Grassroots Caucus annual conference today at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock about his campaign for Congress and his plans to boost private sector job growth and support small business expansion. He also made firm commitments to protect Social Security and Medicare, and strongly endorsed the referendum to raise the Arkansas minimum wage to $8.50 per hour.

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Mayor Hays Signs Minimum Wage Petition, Supports Initiative

June 10 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Today former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays signed his name to a referendum petition to raise the Arkansas Minimum Wage to $8.50 an hour.

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Mayor Patrick Henry Hays Calls for Resignation of VA Secretary Shinseki

May 21 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Today Mayor Patrick Henry Hays, a retired Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, issued the following statement calling for President Obama to demand the immediate resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

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Mayor Patrick Hays Challenges French Hill To Join Him in Rejecting Congressional Perks

May 20 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Tonight Mayor Patrick Henry Hays announced that when elected, he will reject 6 wasteful, taxpayer funded perks abused by members of Congress, and issued the following statement calling on French Hill to do the same.

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Hays: I will be a Voice for Fiscal Sanity in Washington

May 16 2014

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays spoke to the Political Animals Club today in Little Rock about his campaign for Congress and his plans to tackle the deficit and foster economic growth. He also made firm commitments to do away with special congressional perks. Throughout his speech, Hays stressed the need to get Congress to work together to solve problems, the way the City of North Little Rock did in his twenty-four years as Mayor.

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Hays Encourages Help for Tornado Victims

April 28 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK--Former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays issued the following statement regarding the coordinated relief efforts to help those affected by last night's devastating tornadoes.

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Patrick Henry Hays’ Campaign Raises Over $350,000 In First Quarter Of 2014

April 11 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The congressional campaign of former North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays announced today that it raised over $350,000 in the first quarter of 2014 and out-raised banker French Hill's campaign by $50,000, according to a Hill campaign press release.

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Arkansas Times: Democrat Patrick Henry Hays announces for 2nd District Congress

February 24 2014

​Former NLR Mayor Patrick Henry Hays kept it short and sweet today — even turning over a big minute-glass to start the time — in announcing his bid for the Democratic nomination for 2nd District Congress, a decision he said was clinched by "16 days in October" that were a "travesty."

"Democratic crime is crime and Republican garbage is garbage," Hays said, and it's time for Congress to act in concert and in a non-partisan way to solve problems that affect people's lives. If he had his way, Hays said, he'd send the nation's mayors and city councils to Washington, D.C., and get things cleared up. "We're going to carry local government solutions" to D.C., he said; those solutions would not be Republican or Democratic but American. The first thing he's going to do when he's in ...

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